Why Me As Your Photographer?

I have been wanting to write this blog for a while and am finally getting around to doing it, it has taken me so long because I have such a hard time writing about myself, anyone else have this problem? The subject of this post is “Why me as your photographer?” so I am going to do my best to tell you why. First, I am going to talk about is my style, I tend to be a more moody but natural style, I like candid, lots of movement, interaction, and fun, yes I will get those stunning shots that all your friends will drool and envy over, but I want you to have fun, I want you to walk, run, dance, spin, do what I call the “drunk walk” and just enjoy the moment. What drew you to inquire with me? Second, do your homework!!!! Whether it is me or someone else, which I hope it is me, honesty, look at the consistency of my work, see what past clients have said on my website, facebook, google and sometimes even Pinterest. Talk to me about what my workflow is, how I feel about working with a videographer or other wedding vendors, and don’t be afraid to let me know what your vision and what you want from your wedding day. If you don’t feel you are going to mesh well with me, let me know, I know I want you as my client to be utterly comfortable and to let me know if something isn’t feeling right, because then we can figure out if its something that can be fixed or if we just aren't meshing comfortably because if not, I want to help you find someone you can mesh with, so I will recommend other photographers to you that I feel you can mesh with. Third, don’t hesitate to set up a meeting before booking me as your photographer, I want to talk to you, whether it is in person, on a phone call, or a video, I want to hear your voice and I want you to hear mine, because many times in text/email communication can be lost because you can’t hear the tone or articulate the words. Ok, now let’s just talk about me…….awkward moment of silence…….the older I get the more confident I am in me as a person but I still don’t know how to articulate who I am into words. I am very eclectic, I tend to like to see all sides of the story, I am also very much a visual person. This is why I fell in love with photography all over again later in life, I am not old by any means, but life happened and I had a family early on, so when I was 30 my husband bought me my first DSLR camera, I still have it too and have kept it for a back up, but I first started just capturing fun little moments with my family and figuring out how to shoot in manual mode, not really pursuing anything photography related but just having fun learning it. Then tragedy struck our family and I felt I wanted to capture maternity and newborn images I took workshops, did free sessions to learn and practice, and so much more. I am so glad I did because I really think it helped the healing during that tragedy and it really pushed me to figure out what I really wanted to capture, but we decided to add to our family soon after all of that and as I began to get more pregnant photography kind of got pushed on the back burner again. About 8 months after our baby was born I got back in the saddle with really my first wedding, we had some friends getting married and I did their wedding for free. This was in August of 2017, I was still nursing, it was super smokey from wildfires, and exhausting, but I loved it! Loved being able to watch, capture and share their story, a visual story that they will be able to share with their friends, family, future children, and grandchildren. 2018 was really my year to start getting into weddings, and narrowing down what I wanted to do and who I was as a photographer which was Maternity, Couples, and Weddings, and I began Boudoir, which I love. I figured out I am untraditional, I find or at least try to find beauty in everything and every situation because there truly is beauty in everything, even the storm, I love to be different, unique, and always find a different view or perspective. I am eclectic, I am an eclectic person in general so it was no surprise to me that this transfers into my photography style, many styles are bright and airy or dark and moody, I tend to be somewhere in the middle liking a little of it all lol. I do tend to really love my blacks and shadows but with light and natural skin tones. I am a wife and girlfriend to my husband, we have been married over 16 years, I am a mom to 4 children and an angel in heaven, my faith, husband, and family are everything to me. I am an adventurer, a wanderluster (I may have made up that word not sure :), and I love seeing people in their environment, in their culture, in their own skin. I believe love and kindness and like MLK said “I have decided to stick with love, because hate is too great a burden to bear”. Love, kindness, and respect should be displayed to everyone no matter what. I hope this has helped give you a little insight into me as your photographer, I am untraditional, adventurer, relaxed, candid, fun, and cannot wait to tell your story!!

Pictures of me, my family, friends, and my photography all in a year of review :)