Big Move, Big Change, But Still Me.........Danielle Louise

I have so many changes going on with life right now, and the biggest one is I am moving!!!! That is right my family is moving to Hawaii, we will be specifically on the island of Maui. I will still be around and will be back a few times this year for sessions and weddings I already have booked. Why Maui and how did this all come about? Well our family has wanted to move to Maui for a few years now but never felt it was the right time, so we were waiting on perfect timing. Then last month Feb 19th my husband was looking at some Maui website and it had this listing for a job, he sent an email inquiring about it, the response was to send a resume, on the 20th my husband emailed back and let them know “I don’t have a resume as I have owned my own company for 17 years, my family is looking for a change as well as I am with work”. There was a little more communication between my husband and who turned out to be the owner of the company on the 20th. Then on the late morning here of the 21st the owner called and asked if there was anyway we could get to the island soon, or he could figure out a way to get over to WA for a meeting, on the evening of the 21st we were on our way to Maui for a job interview. It worked out perfectly as we were already planning a weekend getaway (was supposed to be relaxing and a little reset, LOL) so my mother in law was already on her flights up to watch the kids for the weekend. It was so crazy, I had no time to process leaving my children a couple of thousand miles away, and we literally waited right where she would walk into the airport with the kids because we had to get out on the plane she had just came in on, YEAH CRAZY!!! Anyways we got to Maui on Friday early afternoon, had the meeting which only lasted a couple of hours with the owner of the company on Maui, he then wanted my husband to fly to Oahu the next day to check out their company, meet the others in the company and see how they operate things. So after our meeting we went to the condo we rented, booked his flights for Oahu the next day, I chilled out and tried to relax because it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, and waited for him to get back to Maui. This is when I feel we had a real moment to process what was actually happening, we talked and ate the rest of that day. We were supposed to leave Sunday but there were issues with flights on mainland, so we ended up leaving Monday afternoon. We got home Monday late and for the first couple of weeks were kind of in a limbo, like were we going, or were we not, but then the word came that yes we do for sure want you, and then finally the contract came through this last week and it has been FULL on running!!! We found a brand new house to rent for now, they were willing to do a 6 month lease and then month to month, our cars are shipping out next week, and we leave on the evening of April 1st to get settled, and like I said I will be back and forth a couple of times this year for sessions and weddings I have already booked. This is a very exciting change, a needed change, and all in perfect timing. We have been praying and hoping for something to open up that my husband could do where he wouldn’t be doing all the strenuous physical labor that he does now because of physical health issues, he will still be back running his business here, and out of no where the flood gates opened. We are in a state of shock and utter gratitude with how perfect everything seems to be happening, and are thankful for all the support of our friends, family, and clients like you!

Here are a few pictures of my son drawing our name in the sand on Maui, our home for now there, and a few others on maui :)