Latifa & Derek Engagement

We had scheduled Latifa & Derek’s Engagment Session on the second weekend I would be back in WA. They wanted it to be done up in Waterville, WA where they live and where Derek was born and raised. The weather called for rain the day of their session and on the way to the session I received a call from Latifa saying she had just talked to Derek and he was worried because it was raining cats and dogs and he didn’t think this was going to happen. Here’s the thing us photographers are also like meteorologists, lol, not really but we can kind of guesstimate what weather may do and we know we can get good images no matter what! So we went ahead with the session and about 40 minutes into it magic happened and they were in utter shock at how perfect that sky looked. Derek had also chosen to do their session on his families OLD homestead as well bring his vintage Ford Truck. Yes these are all from the same evening in the same location ;)